Roundhouse is a creative company in Portland, OR. We put our hearts into making Content, Design and Experiences that transform the way people connect with brands and one another.




Moved by what we do and how it’s done, we devote our hearts and heads to creating content that bridges the gap between strategic and creative thinking to tell stories that best capture attention and push culture forward.

  • Brand Story + Narrative

  • Brand Positioning

  • Channel Strategy

  • Product Storytelling + Messaging

  • Photo + Motion Studio


Our diverse team of designers and artists passionately create beautiful and thoughtful work across disciplines, setting the tones and shaping the looks of concepts and campaigns that arrive at the intersection of culture, consumer and brand.

  • Environmental Design

  • Brand Identity + Visual Systems

  • Packaging Systems

  • Retail Design + Production

  • Digital Design


We conceive, enact and manage unforgettable moments that evoke the heart of an idea, campaign, product or brand to make meaningful connections that strategically and emotionally resonate with viewers, participants and influencers.

  • Retail Activations

  • Digital Experiences

  • Product Launches

  • Event Activations

  • Trade Shows

  • Seeding Kits

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