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Timothy Olson PCT FKT


Timothy Olson PCT FKT

Documenting an epic attempt of unthinkable proportions.

Fkt challenge

The Challenge

Authenticate adidas TERREX as a trail running brand through ultra runner Timothy Olson’s attempt to claim the Fastest Known Time on the 2,650-mile Pacific Crest Trail, which crosses through some of the most remote regions of the American West.

Fkt insight

The Insight

The sheer length, atltitudes, temperatures and difficulties experienced in navigating the PCT makes the scope of Tim's epic run a challenge to correctly appreciate, and simply presenting the data would fail to maintain interest – in the attempt, in Tim's story, and in the featured adidas TERREX products – over the duration of his undertaking.

Fkt strategy 3


Create context that allows viewers to understand the enormity of Tim's attempt and inevitable success by providing regular updates on his progress. Include numbers and statistics such as total and daily mileage, altitudes climbed and descended, high and low temperatures endured, and challenges and obstacles overcame – all while revealing the emotional, mental and physical aspects of the story by presenting it through Tim's voice.

Fkt creative


To deliver weekly video updates, we scrubbed hours of documentary content to find the story from the current week on the trail. We aligned data points to the stories, then integrated them in the videos, IG Stories, carousels and grid posts we delivered to audiences across multiple channels. We also informed the design of a partner site at Outside Online, which aggregated creative content and links to the adidas TERREX products being used on the trail.

Go To Market

The Instagram videos regularly topped 10K views, besting the channel average and repeatedly garnering dozens of comments. Visitors tuned in to receive updates on his progress and stayed tuned through the duration of his ultimately successful attempt.


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