The Makery Experience
The Makery Experience

Prisoner Wine Co.

The Makery Experience

Transforming a craft wine brand into unforgettable experiences.

The Makery Experience is an unconventional wine tasting experience for Prisoner Wines. This one-time event series is hosted in select cities across the country and celebrates local makers and their communities. Wherever The Makery Experience occurs, it draws a thoughtfully curated selection of creators, musicians and VIPs, gathering a local authenticity that leaves a lasting impression on all involved.


A premium overnight camping experience for 40+ guests in the Pawnee National Grasslands.

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A surrealist reinvention of traditional wine and dinner parties, showcasing unimaginable artistry and harrowing musical performances.

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An intimate gathering to share passions and inspire NYC’s maker community atop the world’s largest rooftop farm.

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An epic Chi-Town style backyard barbecue that was part feast, part art opening, and part rock show.

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Prisoner Makery C1 R12 V2


A transformation of the iconic Hotel Saint Cecelia by Austin’s most eclectic and eccentric artists and makers.

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An island escape celebrating the Magic City’s diverse culture of makers through art installations, food, music and theatrical storytelling.

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