Global Sustainability Platform
Global Sustainability Platform


Global Sustainability Platform

Showcasing the brand’s efforts to reach 100% sustainability by 2030.

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The Challenge

In a marketplace overrun with greenwashing, position Reebok as an authentic innovator of recycled and renewable products.

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The Insight

Consumers are overwhelmed with confusing and misleading messaging about sustainability efforts. They are unaware of the strides that Reebok is making to help preserve the planet for the future.

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To communicate real-world benefits and authentic efforts, simplify the message to detail the ingredients and processes used to create plant-based and post-consumer recycled products.

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Product photography and motion content was captured using the actual raw materials of the products. Organic propping, simple lighting and stop motion techniques added an authentic, natural feel to the brand efforts. A landing page was crafted for and several social media animation executions were delivered.

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Go To Market

Reebok launched the Sustainability Hub on their website alongside campaign launch creative for each of the featured products, the Floatride Energy Grow and the ZIG Kinetica II. Successful and widely-viewed email and social media rollouts set the stage for Reebok’s ongoing sustainability efforts and goals.

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