Brand Development
Brand Development


Brand Development

Redington reels in the next generation of anglers.

Redington needed help presenting their brand to a demographic who are not necessarily seasoned anglers. We developed an engaging method of appealing to the younger, more rebellious audience by shifting the brand's foundational identity with a more casual, direct voice and the introduction of a handmade aesthetic.

Redington Content R1 C1 V1
Redington Content R1 C2 V1
Redington Content R1 C2 V2


Imagery, video and product advertising for Redington's digital channels.

Redington Content R4 C1 V2
Redington Content R4 C2 V1


Countless illustrations for tees, trucker hats and stickers for anglers to wear with pride.

Redington Content R8 C1 V1
Redington Apparel R9 C2 V1
Redington Content R10 C2 V1


A redesigned Redington site, made mobile friendly and optimized for e-commerce.


Art Direction, Brand Strategy, Copywriting, Illustration, Photography, UX/UI, Videography, Web Design

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