Worn by those who are willing to take a different path.


Gigi Hadid, Cardi B and Future all defiantly followed their own routes to become the standouts they are today. Reebok asked us to leverage their personalities in a seasonal campaign to celebrate the relaunch of Reebok Aztrek – an off-road running shoe embarking on a different path from its ’90s origin. Our concept showed how these game changers could step out of their comfort zones by participating in challenges unique to each person.

The content captured from three separate photo and video shoots was featured with headlines that spoke to their willingness to defy expected norms. The imagery appeared in digital, social, outdoor and print expressions of the global campaign.

Told through quirky, humorous and stylized tones, the challenges were captured in a video series of individual episodes that evoked our talents’ unique personalities. The videos were placed across fashion, music, lifestyle and culture media to positive and enthusiastic response.


Art Direction, Brand Strategy, Campaign Development, Content Strategy, Copywriting, Creative Direction, Music Composition, Photography, Product Naming, Retouching, Social Content, Videography


  • Stephenie Bitz-Martell

  • Ian Collazo

  • Amy Grothe

  • Jessica Jones

  • Liz Khan

  • Mako Miyamoto

  • Paul Quilici

  • Cameron Schuler

  • Justin Smith

  • Craig Sprecher

  • Kyle Sundby

  • Mike Torretta

  • Daniel Damocles Wall

  • Stephen Zadrozny

  • Patric Zerr

Reebok Aztrek R7 C1 V2
Reebok Aztrek R7 C2 V2
Reebok Aztrek R8 C1 V2
Reebok Aztrek R2 C1 V2
Reebok Aztrek R2 C2 V2
Reebok Aztrek R3 C1 V3
Reebok Aztrek R12 C1 V2
Reebok Aztrek R12 C2 V2
Reebok Aztrek R13 C1 V2
Reebok Aztrek R15 C1 V2

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