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Adidas DAME8 R1 C1 V1

The Challenge

Develop a strategic and creative point of view on how to bring to market Damian Lillard's latest footwear launch, the Dame 8 "4th Quarter Knockout." Provide a recommendation for how the brand should speak about Dame and the Dame 8 within the brand attitude of “Rebellious Optimism” that allows us to see sport, culture and the world - not just as it is, but as it can be.

The Insight

Beyond bringing sparring or heavy bag work into his training regimen, Damian Lillard possesses a boxer’s mentality. It informs his whole outlook - in his game, his music, his life, and his world. With this mindset that tells him he can go toe-to-toe with anybody, and the ability to back up his belief through a commitment to training, Damian Lillard is relentless. His shoes must be as well – the Dame 8 enables athletes to perform at the highest levels when it matters most. With a 33% lighter outsole, the Dame 8 lets athletes perform at their best in crunch time while the competition fades in the 4th.

Adidas DAME8 R2 C1 V1


Bring Damian Lillard's boxing mentality to life in messaging, visuals and activations by showing that his commitment to self-improvement & always becoming better is reflected in the idea that Dame’s ultimate motivator is himself.


We created "Only I Can Stop Me," a campaign leveraging boxing language and aesthetics, to show that it's got nothing to do with the other guy – at Dame's level, the only competition is staring back at him in the mirror. From messaging and key visuals to social, retail and out-of-home assets, we supported a complete launch calendar for the Dame 8 and presented a story in which Damian Lillard stand out from all other new adidas signature athletes.

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