Pluralsight Brand Refresh + Headquarters Design
Pluralsight Brand Refresh + Headquarters Design


Pluralsight Brand Refresh + Headquarters Design

Designing to rise and meet a growing company's demands.

Pluralsight HQ Reception

The Insight

Moving into their new corporate headquarters in Farmington, Utah, the fast-growing tech company Pluralsight desired a space as well as an updated identity and aesthetic that both highlighted their burgeoning brand and facilitated a teaching and learning environment for their employees.

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Our designs, reflected in the logo explorations, brand books, guidelines and collateral we created, successfully captured the forward-thinking uniqueness of the brand, their collaborative educational acumen and the needs of their employees, while directing the aesthetic and design of their new space.

Pluralsight HQ Level Up


From logos to color schemes, from font to flooring choices and ceiling treatments, from design guidelines to main lobby and executive lounge, and from notebooks to sweatshirts to study suites, Pluralsight’s new headquarters and identity is a futuristic nexus where enlightened aesthetics and aspirational spaces celebrate the staff as experts in their field.

Pluralsight Alt Logos
Pluralsight HQ Mural
Pluralsight HQ 2 C Booths
Pluralsight HQ 2 C Red Couches
Pluralsight HQ orange Rooms
Pluralsight Imagery
Pluralsight HQ corner Huddle Room
Pluralsight Colors
Pluralsight Things
Pluralsight HQ 2 C Mural
Pluralsight HQ 2 C Snack Wall
Pluralsight HQ Game Room

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