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PRIDE 2021

Inspired by the idea that Love Unites.

Pride challenge

The Challenge

Work with multiple client partners to launch adidas Pride 2021 as an integrated brand campaign, dedicated to sharing adidas' platform to highlight and celebrate the diverse identities, voices and stories of Pride across the LGBTQ+ community.

Pride Insight

The Insight

With the 2021 Pride Pack, adidas wants to continue exploring the themes of visibility, voice, education and activation, and uncover the raw emotions behind the ways people tell their stories. This will be done through DIY techniques which not only have played an important role in the LGBTQ+ community, but also offer intimate and authentic self-expression.

Pride strategy


To reflect the brand's long-standing support of the LGBTQ+ movement, develop creative work that is primarily focused on telling the brand and partner stories through the voices of the LGBTQ+ community.

Pride creative


What began as work on the retail toolkit evolved as we took on additional campaign elements and extended the DIY look and feel of the creative through the entire Pride 2021 experience. From working in a real-time partnership with Cartwright through the brand work and the retail, to developing extra props for the launch zones, to working on gifts with purchase and activations, to creating seeding kits, our knowledge of the campaign and retail helped us find efficiencies of scale and equipped us to present creative-yet-realistic solutions on a compressed timeline.

Pride 1920x1080 1 NYSP ext
Pride 2x2grid 1 ball
Pride 2x2grid 2 staff

Go to Market

As our role in the campaign expanded, we produced: the retail toolkit, motion graphic pieces for instore, LZ propping (lightup cubes, hydro dipped props with campaign texture), an instore coms package (ISC), staff tools (tees, masks, fortune tellers, posters, lanyards, pronoun pins), activations (adidas NYC pride landmark run), gifts with purchase program - tiered from flagship to factory, enter to win art balls at 6 key doors and product seeding kits.

Pride GTM
Pride 1920x1080 2 5th side
Pride 2x2grid 4 tube
Pride 2x2grid 5 seeding
Pride 1920x1080 4 seeding
Pride 2x3grid stack 1 isc
Pride 2x3grid stack 2 dip
Pride 2x3grid 1 sm LZ
Pride 1920x1080 3 5th LZ
Pride 2x3grid stack 3 gwp
Pride 2x3grid stack 4 pins
Pride 2x3grid 2 gwp
Pride 1920x10805 SIS

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