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Making a trip to the store the story to remember.

To immerse customers in the story behind adidas + Parley’s “Threat to Thread” fiber innovations, and to educate them in the variety of footwear and apparel made using Parley Ocean Plastic™, we partnered with adidas and their sustainable initiatives at the 5th Ave store to create a bespoke retail experience using cardboard, ecoboard, existing fixtures and other eco-friendly materials. The retail experience gave brands and their commitment to sustainability an opportunity to resonate with a large NYC retail audience, as well as everyone they share content with.

Adidas Parley R2 C1 V1
Adidas Parley R2 C2 V1
Adidas Parley R3 C1 V1
Adidas Parley R6 C1 V1
Adidas Parley R6 C2 V1
Adidas Parley R7 C1 V1
Adidas Parley R8 C1 V1
Adidas Parley R9 C1 V1


Art Direction, Copywriting, Creative Direction, Environmental Design, Retail Design

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