NMD Camera Obscura
NMD Camera Obscura


NMD Camera Obscura

The NMD provides a picture of the past and the future

ADI NMD Camera Obscura R1 C1 V1

The Challenge

Assist with the activation of a "Camera Obscura" interactive public installation in NYC and LA for the launch of the adidas NMD shoe by developing innovative consumer experiences that bring the product story to life.

The Insight

As the literal beginning of photography, the camera obscura provides a juxtaposition that showcases the modern style of urban explorers and reflects the debut of the new NMDs.


Inspire and enable the creativity of creators through the analog process of film. Evolve the NMD idea of "never finished" to become "forever developing," and create focus by turning to its audience, the urban explorers, and their chief weapon of creativity: the camera and their canvas.


We created two immersive camera obscura installations in LA and NYC that took the form of larger-than-life NMD shoeboxes. In additiona to working as functional cameras, our oversized installations let visitors step “inside” photographs of the respective cities. The installations were the perfect vehicles to introduce our Creative Toolkits and launch a campaign that “unpacks the past” through the lens of photography.

ADI NMD Camera Obscura R5 C1 V1 200518 202034

Go To Market

Visitors experienced the intersection of the past and future by being photographed inside an analog projection of the outside world, garnering 1,920 unique email registrations, 2,034 visitors and more than 500K impressions.

ADI NMD Camera Obscura R8 C1 V1 200518 202501
ADI NMD Camera Obscura R8 C2 V1 200518 202505
ADI NMD Camera Obscura R10 C1 V1 200518 202623
ADI NMD Camera Obscura R10 C2 V1 200518 202636


Art Direction, Brand Activation Design, Copywriting, Creative Direction, Editing, Event Management, Fabrication, Photography, Videography, Web Design, Web Development

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