Nite Jogger
Nite Jogger


Nite Jogger

Day and night, creators are always on the clock.

The Challenge

Collaborate with adidas Global Retail partners and develop a transformative retail experience for the Nite Jogger shoe at the adidas flagship store in Paris.

ADI Nite Jogger R2 C1 V3

The Insight

The Nite Jogger focuses on the duality of night and day through the lens of young urban creators. Nite Jogger as product is physical proof of this duality through reflective technology.


Leverage the night and day narrative of the Nite Jogger to tell the product story – both through evocative visual and spatial experiences and to reflect the ceaseless creativity that drives the target consumers.

ADI Nite Jogger R4 C1 V1


We evoked the disruptive aspect of Nite Jogger story by transforming the launch zone. From lenticular-style graphics lining the entrance tunnel, to a traffic cone sculptural installation, to reflective and illuminated ceiling graphics providing a space to house an immersive VR experience, to custom footwear towers, elements invited interactions that echoed the duality of the footwear.

Go To Market

Overall, the experience presented a version of the Launch Zone not seen before, truly a "night and day" difference from previous campaigns in the space.

ADI Nite Jogger R7 C1 V1
ADI Nite Jogger R8 C1 V1
ADI Nite Jogger R8 C2 V1
ADI Nite Jogger R10 C1 V1
ADI Nite Jogger R10 C2 V1
ADI Nite Jogger R12 C1 V1
ADI Nite Jogger R12 C2 V1


Art Direction, Creative Direction, Environmental Design, Fabrication, Retail Design, Visual Merchandising

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