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Electric Garden

Campers chill and charge at Camp Flog Gnaw 2018.

Mophie Challenge

The Challenge

Create an activation to help Mophie connect with the unique audience at Tyler, the Creator's Camp Flog Gnaw festival.

Mophie Insight

The Insight

These artistic attendees are used to festival life, don’t like being marketed to, and have largely grown immune brands attempting to impress them.

Mophie Strategy


Create an inviting installation piece that acts as a functional spectacle. This kind of immersive destination will win the favor of festivalgoers and find its way onto their social channels.

Mophie Creative


We built an electric backyard garden that boasted a giant glowing treefort, comfy seating, phone-charging barbecues and flowers. It was a peerless and packed power-up lounge for campers looking to be dazzled while they chilled and charged.

Mophie Electric Garden R2 C1 A V1
Mophie Electric Garden R2 C1 B V1
Mophie Electric Garden R5 C1 V1
Mophie Electric Garden R5 C2 V1 190306 163154
Mophie Electric Garden R7 C1 V1
Mophie Electric Garden R7 C1 V1 190306 163008
Mophie Electric Garden R7 C2 V1
Mophie Electric Garden R9 C1 V1 190306 163009
Mophie Electric Garden R10 C1 V1 190306 163056


Art Direction, Brand Activation Design, Copywriting, Creative Direction, Editing, Environmental Design, Event Management, Fabrication, Photography, Videography

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