Let Me B Energized
Let Me B Energized


Let Me B Energized

Electrifying and Cardi-fying unique style and amplified attitude.

Reebok x cardi b

To showcase Cardi’s final season with Reebok, featuring her largest collection yet, the “Let me B” design platform introduced in 2020 was expressed through “Let me B… Energized.” The campaign took inspiration from Cardi’s uninhibited energy and the colored crystals informing her collection to capture her multi-faceted, layered and dimensional style and personality. Set design and visuals leveraged the glow of the crystals’ energy via prisms, platforms and faceted objects, and the energy of the shoot was manifested through the lens of photographers Ahmad Barber and Donte Maurice.

Reebok Cardi 2 A image
Reebok Cardi 3 image
Reebok Cardi 4 image
Reebok Cardi 6 image
Reebok Cardi 8 image
Reebok Cardi 10 960
Reebok Cardi 11 960
Reebok Cardi 12 960


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