Ivy Park
Ivy Park


Ivy Park

The premiere of Beyoncé’s Ivy Park x adidas franchise at retail.

Ivy Park The Challenge

The Challenge

Translate a non-binary collection across a traditionally gendered retail space while designing for easy uninstall and campaign swap after the assured Ivy Park sellout.

Ivy Park The Insight

The Insight

adidas helps Beyoncé express her personality, message and style.

Ivy Park Strategy2


Leverage bold brand photography, a striking color palette and simple geometry for maximum impact.

Ivy Park Creative


With no need to hype the icon or the partnership, we chose to make the imagery and message larger-than-life and give Beyoncé's brand the biggest stage possible. As a forethought, all retail design was created to be quickly and easily uninstalled by store staff and flipped to a women's campaign immediately after the last of the Ivy Park gear flew off shelves.

Ivy Park Image1
Ivy Park 2 Image2 Left
Ivy Park 2 Image2 Right

Go to Market

Anticipating the brand popularity and predicting the lines around the block, we delivered 80 design assets for 11 key stores, which became the benchmark for how Ivy Park shows up at retail everywhere.

Ivy Park Go To Market
Ivy Park Image3
Ivy Park 3 Image Top Left
Ivy Park 3 Image Bot Left
Ivy Park 3 Image Right
Ivy Park Image4
Ivy Park 3 Image2 Top Left
Ivy Park 3 Image2 Bot Left
Ivy Park 3 Image2 Right
Ivy Park Image5
Ivy Park 3 Image3 Top Left
Ivy Park 3 Image3 Bot Left
Ivy Park 3 Image3 Right
Ivy Park 2 Image1 Left
Ivy Park 2 Image1 Right
Ivy Park Image6

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