Infinity Room
Infinity Room


Infinity Room

Microsoft opens a door into the limitless universe of big data


Microsoft asked us to showcase the potential and beauty of big data by creating an experience for both the general public and for the attendees of their “Accelerate Your Insights” event in San Francisco.

We went beyond simply visualizing the limitless universe of information that is big data - we immersed visitors inside of it.

We teamed up with world renowned data journalist, Simon Rogers, and visionary technology studio, Universal Everything, to create the Microsoft Infinity Room, a groundbreaking installation that combined cutting edge LED screens with custom mirrors on every surface. It’s one of the only infinity rooms ever created, and the first to use this new LED technology.

In two days, over one thousand people were immersed within the infinite potential of big data. Hundreds of trippy selfies were shared on Instagram, and the #insightsawait hashtag saw over 2500 uses.


Art Direction, Brand Activation Design, Copywriting, Creative Direction, Environmental Design, Product Design, Data Visualization


  • Kyle Everett

  • Alan Foster

  • Joe Sundby

MSN Infinity Room R2 C1 V1
MSN Infinity Room R2 C2 V1
MSN Infinity Room R3 C1 V1
MSN Infinity Room R4 C1 V1
MSN Infinity Room R5 C1 V1

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