PDX Speed Shop
PDX Speed Shop


PDX Speed Shop

Portland’s West Side moto community has a new place to call home.

Harley The Challenge

The Challenge

Develop a scalable, culture-focused programmatic system that positions Harley-Davidson as the trusted partner for Portland’s West Side riders.

Harley The Insight

The Insight

Whether it’s a festival in the desert or a weekend ride through the country, moto culture is about coming together, having fun and getting rowdy.

Harley Strategy


Drive foot traffic, increase social conversation and lift sales with programming that features a combination of localized outreach events, group ride programs, retail updates, social opportunities and PR.

Harley Creative


Establish a new West Side moto hub and reinforce the PDX Speed Shop belief that every ride should be celebrated, whether you’re a Harley-Davidson rider or not. Our comprehensive suite of programs included: store design, paid media, events, community outreach, rider resources PR and social strategy.

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Go To Market

Our programming resulted in an influx of foot traffic, an uptick in sales, exponentially increased social buzz and brand visibility, and gave the shop the most hard-to-achieve metric: cultural cachet.

Harley Go To Market

In Store Events

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Harley Image1
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Retail Refresh

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