Harden V4
Harden V4


Harden V4

Presenting the Harden V4 story in a new light via interactive retail theater.

Harden Challenge2

The Challenge

Reposition the fully developed Harden 4 athlete and lifestyle narrative into a tech story that highlights the incredible versatility of the Lightstrike.

The Insight

Harden is unpredictable, moving in 4D, with sudden changes in momentum and direction that help him outmaneuver his opponents. Lightstrike supports him anywhere and everywhere on the court.

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Leverage engaging principles of physics to deliver interactive and educational retail installations that unite the Harden story and mythos with Lightstrike technology elements.

Harden V4 Creative


The Lightstrike technology took center stage in tech-focused retail theater, where consumers were encouraged to interact with, participate in and be educated by these analog and digital installations.

Go To Market

This global toolkit saw massive application and impact across the Asia Pacific markets.

Harden V4 Go To Market
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Art Direction, Copywriting, Creative Direction, Environmental Design, Retail Design

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