Dame 6
Dame 6


Dame 6

Celebrating Dame culture from court to store to street.

Dame6 The Challenge

The Challenge

Create a visual center and a retail toolkit that celebrate Damian Lillard's 6th signature shoe and the moments connected to each colorway.

Dame6 The Insight

The Insight

Dame is always more than one thing at once, and this duality is the key to his creativity. Therefore, creators never need to fit an image or try to be less than everything they are.

Dame6 Strategy


To inspire creators with the dynamic stories from Dame's life, career and character, we treated each Dame 6 drop like a campaign. This ensured that each shoe and story had the chance to attract and convert a unique set of creators.

Dame6 Creative


With "Free To Create" and "Duality" as our creative drivers, we built out creative for multiple drops from concept through execution, and produced social media, photo shoots, retail graphics, OOH and messaging that added honor and depth to the legacy of this modern-day legend.

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Go To Market

In China, we delivered full retail packages for 30 category focus stores, and provided footwear wall coverage for 1000 stores across the US. Our Dame 6 toolkit set standards and informed everything from retail executions, to product photography, to social copy.

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Art Direction, Brand Strategy, Campaign Development, Content Strategy, Copywriting, Creative Direction, Photography, Retouching, Social Content, Videography

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