Chinese New Year 2019
Chinese New Year 2019


Chinese New Year 2019

The Journey To Realizing Your Potential Is One Of Inward Discovery

Adidas CNY2019 The Challenge

The Challenge

Begin design exploration that will eventually lead to an overall concept that leverages Chinese New Year as a vehicle to bring Derrick Rose, James Harden and Damian Lillard footwear to APAC markets.

Adidas CNY2019 The Insight

The Insight

For adidas basketball franchise icons, hardwood courts are hallowed grounds. They are their temples, where they clear the mind, focus inward, and find the way to pursue their potential. Within these temples, their internalized journeys take place.

Adidas CNY2019 The Strategy


Our visual direction will represent the actualization of self through related imagery, a focus on visualization, introspections within eastern philosophy, and the story of The Journey to the West. We'll show franchise icons in a new light by highlighting the mental prowess required to maximize potential and express it on the court.

Adidas CNY2019 R1 C1 V1


adidas collaborated with artist Ren Zhe for a special footwear and apparel launch in celebration of the holiday. A brand initiative was developed, integrating the artist’s calligraphic elements and storytelling of the “Shadow Warrior”. We were responsible for creating the toolkit for the campaign, which included concepting, designing and developing graphic elements, athlete and product photoshoots, motion/moving content, and retail and digital assets.

Adidas CNY2019 R3 C1 V1
Adidas CNY2019 R3 C2 V1
Adidas CNY2019 R3 C2 V2
Adidas CNY2019 R4 C1 V1
Adidas CNY2019 R4 C1 V2
Adidas CNY2019 R4 C2 V1
Adidas CNY2019 R6 C1 V1
Adidas CNY2019 R7 C1 V1
Adidas CNY2019 R7 C2 V1
Adidas CNY2019 R8 C1 V1
Adidas CNY2019 R9 C1 V1
Adidas CNY2019 R10 C1 V1
Adidas CNY2019 R10 C2 V1
Adidas CNY2019 R10 C2 V2


Art Direction, Copywriting, Photography, Retail Design, Retouching, Videography, Content Capture, Content Creation, Design & System Guidelines, Editing & Post Production, Animation & Motion Graphics, Integrated Campaign Development, Production, Propping & Set Dressing, 3D Design & Visualization, Visual Merchandising

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