adidas Harden 6
adidas Harden 6


adidas Harden 6


Adidas Harden6 R2 C1 V2

The Challenge

To mark the launch of the Harden 6 shoe, establish a campaign that leverages existing video and photography to create a visual direction examining James Harden and the significance of the number 13.

Adidas Harden6 R2 C2 V1

The Insight

13. A number many associate with superstition and bad luck. Not so for James Harden. It’s been on his side since he wore it in high school, allowing him to invoke fear and bad luck onto his opponents. Entering his 13th year in the league and wearing #13 on his chest to this day, his talent, confidence and work ethic changes the assumptions of what the number means.

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Through narrative and aesthetic, show James Harden's ability to control common misconceptions about the number 13 by subverting superstitions, reclaiming definitions around luck, embracing unlucky symbols and bad luck talismans, and disregarding assumptions and stereotypes.

Adidas Harden6 R3 C2 V1


We developed "Paradigm," a concept that incorporated a balance of white space and framing via lenticular-inspired graphic art. Footwear and Harden imagery became bridge elements connecting the framed graphics to the clean white space. The 13 rings of the iconic Harden Silhouette represented each of his 13 years in the NBA, while iconography of luck and elements of Harden’s life provided deeper narrative discovery.

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