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adidas Basketball Category Reset


adidas Basketball Category Reset

Reestablishing an iconic identity.

The Challenge

As adidas Basketball has evolved into multiple subcategories, or silos, its visual and narrative identity has splintered and become increasingly chaotic. To address the dissolution of a singular identity around adidas Basketball's storied legacy, modern performance offerings, cultural and style cache, and superstar signature athletes, develop a new look and feel for the category and establish consistency across silos season after season.

The Insight

Through hyper-specific narratives explored over the last few years, adidas Basketball has grown fractured in its storytelling. Getting back to the basics of the category's greatest strength – the footwear and the style, technological and performance benefits they offer – will create a rally point and a focus for future narratives.

Adidas 0098 adi BA STRATEGY V1


Identify what can be cut from the existing, cluttered landscape of current product campaigns to return to the brand's core values and iconic simplicity. Within each silo, explore a consistent way to talk about tech and product benefits. Once a "formula" that can be applied to each silo is achieved, it will be possible to streamline the concept and development of product campaigns to be presented to markets at a much more timely pace.

Adidas 0098 adi BA CREATIVE


After identifying the types of tools we’d want to create for each of the silos to ensure various market needs – each possessing its own focus and priorities – are met, we concepted around key category takeaways to create a long-lasting identity featuring simplified, elegant qualities that reflected the boldness of the adidas Basketball brand. We then utilized this identity by expressing, building and bringing it to life across digital, social and retail consumer touchpoints. We also developed toolkits for markets and downstream partners to apply our look and feel locally, and the resulting work has begun to appear in select retail locations.

Adidas 0098 adi BA R4 C1 V1
Adidas adi BA 0098 R4 C1 V1
Adidas adi BA 0098 R5 C1 V1
Adidas adi BA 0098 R5 C2 V1
Adidas adi BA 0098 R6 C1 V1
Adidas adi BA 0098 R7 C1 V1
Adidas adi BA 0098 R8 C1 V1
Adidas adi BA 0098 R9 C1 V1
Adidas adi BA 0098 R10 C1 V1
Adidas adi BA 0098 R11 C1 V1


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