Trail Collection
Trail Collection


Trail Collection

Inspired by the outdoors and ’90s Reebok style, because Wild is Wherever.

Reebok Trail Collection The Challenge V2

The Challenge

Bring Reebok’s “Boundless” heritage to life and build relevance using both the trail-inspired collection and Gigi Hadid’s capsule collection by making consumers feel the power of adventure.

The Insight

Tapping into this trail-inspired trend is all about speaking to our consumers’ boundless attitude and approach to life, including preparation to take on the world no matter where you find yourself and what challenges lie ahead. It’s a form of daily escapism into the wilderness – both as an aspiration and as an actual possibility – that symbolizes inspiration, drive and limitless potential.

Reebok Trail Collection Strategy R3 V2


Take inspiration from trail running and outdoor apparel that taps into on-trend looks, and from the consumer’s unexpected approach to lifestyle footwear and apparel. Elevate Gigi as a natural extension of the campaign while giving her a unique space that reflects her personal journey, adding depth, context and authenticity to the overall campaign.


Ensemble and Gigi-focused productions on location at California’s Vasquez Rocks, in combination with an evocative, futuristic design language, generated engaging otherworldly storytelling, video and imagery that goes Beyond Wild.

Reebok Trail Collection R5 V1
Reebok Trail Collection R8 V1
Reebok Trail Collection R9 V1

Go to Market

Imagery and video from the campaign composed retail, digital and social toolkits – content of which appeared across channels with messaging that spoke to making a literal and figurative escape. Fashion and culture media responded to the striking compositions, Gigi’s participation, and the product collections themselves.

Reebok Trail Collection Go To Market R11 V1

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