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Ninja Streaming Room

The world's biggest gamer steps into the ultimate content studio.

Ninja Challenge

The Challenge

Create an unparalleled, state-of-the-art streaming studio for Red Bull’s eSports athlete, Ninja.

Ninja Insight

The Insight

As the world’s most recognized gamer, Ninja (aka Tyler Blevins), needs to stay on top of his game while streaming for his daily audience of more than 12 million.

Ninja Strategy


Use a strong representation of Ninja’s history with gaming culture, his fierce dedication to fans, and his allegiance to Red Bull to guide our thinking.

Ninja Creative


We designed and built a futuristic, feature-packed streaming dojo nodding to Ninja’s trademark playfulness, confidence, aesthetic and work ethos.

Red Bull Ninja Studio R1 C1 V1
Red Bull Ninja Studio R2 C1 V1
Red Bull Ninja Studio R3 C2 V1
Red Bull Ninja Studio R4 C1 V1
Red Bull Ninja Studio R5 C1 V1 1
Red Bull Ninja Studio R6 C2 V1 1


Art Direction, Copywriting, Creative Direction, Fabrication, Interior Design

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