Xbox Social

When we were hired as Xbox’s social agency of record in 2010, their social followers were mostly hard-core gamers. But they wanted to expand their reach to a whole new audience.

Roundhouse continues to present the ever-expanding Xbox fanbase with valuable, entertaining, and exclusive content that showcases the breadth of Xbox entertainment options.


Roundhouse brought it

Our Xbox social campaigns have occurred on multiple media platforms and delivered impressive numbers and audience enthusiasm, with creative concepts realized in numerous higher profile services and executions.

Mass Effect 3

To attract awareness for the 3rd and final game of the popular Mass Effect franchise, we created a Facebook application featuring a long-term social activation that spanned a period of several months. The length of the campaign and the integrity of the creative work, where language, activations and graphics remain true to the game and appealing to its core audience, garnered +119K monthly active Facebook app users, +82K lifetime installs, and +123K Mass Effect 3 Mission Command app content shares.

Wireless Headset

To promote the Xbox 360 Wireless Headset with Bluetooth, we built a Facebook application that centered on a series of videos featuring UFC superstar Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and highlighted the distinctive dual-communication qualities of the headset.

Users were prompted to choose between sweet talk or trash talk by clicking the corresponding button. This choice lead to a video(s) of Rampage either talking trash while playing Xbox, or sweet talking his mom, who calls him while he is playing.


For the upcoming release of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, we produced the Xbox Skyrim Drag and Shout Facebook application.

Users attempted to solve a puzzle by dragging runic symbols to open spaces on a grid. By solving the puzzle correctly in the allotted time, participants were able to “Unleash the Power of the Voice” and experience the Dragon Shout through teaser video footage, download exclusive Skyrim wallpaper, and be entered to win a custom Skyrim Xbox 360 console.