adidas iconics collection

In summer 2011, adidas decided it was time to revitalize the Iconics collection. Their four classic shoes are fashion staples, but they needed a showcase to join current trend conversations. They wanted to bring a younger generation into the fold.

They came to Roundhouse to make it happen.

Media Takeover featured video and a large interactive kit that allowed users to interact with the product, be introduced to above-the-line and additional experiences, and be directed to the online shop.


Engage users and drive them to shop and drive the online audience to the digital experience on Facebook and Make the feature footwear Iconics.


72,508 visits to the experience, where users spent more than a minute and a half engaging. CTR reached an unbelievable 8% on the expandable rich media.

Roundhouse brought it

The Iconics campaign reached into multiple media platforms and delivered impressive numbers and audience enthusiasm, with Roundhouse creative concepts realized through additional services and executions.

Press Release Kits

We built a PR kit with Iconics footwear that reflected digital & print creative in a premium presentation and delivered it to influencers to let them "Be an Icon" and share images with followers.

Iconics Mobile App

The aidas Originals Iconics mobile application engaged users and drove them to shop and engage the digital experience on social channels.

Digital Strategy

Research, key insights, a developed core concept and detailed objectives provided the context for and success of the Facebook application and web banners

Web Banners

Web banners driving traffic back to the takeover reflected the Iconics creative and featured imagery of specific kits assembled to represent adidas superstars and ambassadors.

Product Tradeshow

The adidas space (booth, counters, display shelves, cases and signage) at the PROJECT trade show in Las Vegas featured Roundhouse Iconics creative and design concepts.


To bring the Iconics kit concept to life, we captured photography assets during the above-the-line campaign with adidas celebrities and ambassadors, and in studio with product and lifestyle elements.