Xbox at the MTV VMAs


As the social media content manager working on Xbox, one of the cooler parts of my job involves attending Xbox events so we can cover them on social media – posting photos to the Xbox Facebook page, getting celebrity attendees to tweet out about the event, that sort of thing.

For the launch of NBA Baller Beats, Xbox hosted a before and after party during the MTV Video Music Awards. NBA Baller Beats is a Kinect game that uses a real basketball, dribbling to the beat of songs – kind of like basketball meets Guitar Hero. Working with the NBA Baller Beats team, I talked with the celebrities, athletes, and influencers who stopped by, encouraging them to tweet out about the event and taking pictures of their demos of the game for Facebook. The U.S. Women’s Gold Medal Olympic Gymnasts even stopped by, which was pretty thrilling.

Events like this are always fun to work on, but it can stretch into a pretty long day. Luckily, however, we got to cap off the after-party with an exclusive performance by Karmin, the duo best known for their impressive YouTube covers of “Look at Me Now” and “Super Bass.” They were awesome to see live, especially in such an intimate setting.

As usual, it was a great event, with lots of engagement on the social side. Celebrities tweeting about your brand, thousands of likes on Facebook, and a private performance by a popular band? That’s a solid day’s work in my book.