Draw Something


Draw something.

Go ahead and try it, nobody is watching.

It doesn’t have to be anything in particular. It doesn’t have to be any thing at all.

It can be a feeling, an abstract expression of the mood you’re in right now.

Draw that one image that's stuck in your head from the dream you had last night.

Draw last night’s meal, or what you hope will be tonight’s.

Draw the floor plan for your dream house.

Draw the remains of the muffin you just ate, next to the empty container of yogurt that accompanied it.

Draw the storm clouds rolling in outside your window.

Draw a portrait of yourself as an Ewok.

Just draw.

When faced with the task of putting an image onto paper, people often get held up on the question of what. What kind of noun will you try to accurately represent with this ballpoint pen in your Moleskine notebook. Lose this train of thought, for now the what doesn’t matter. You are the absolute ruler of the paper in front of you.

Chances are if you’re reading this, you’re a part of the creative industry. You may or may not be a graphic designer, copywriter or photographer. You may be an account manager, producer or perhaps a client. No matter the role you play within an agency, starting your morning off with a drawing will increase your creativity through the rest of the day.

Many of us, myself included, start the day off by reading emails and checking a few favorite blogs. We give ourselves a little cushion of time to let the caffeine sink in before diving into the day’s creative heavy lifting. I’m suggesting that beginning with a quick drawing session will improve your creative agility throughout the rest of the day. Consider it calisthenics for your imagination.

There has been research on this topic, but I won’t quote figures. Test this theory out yourself. Simply set aside 20 minutes before diving into the digital world. Take advantage of a still somewhat groggy state. Start with a simple line, then add another. The end result doesn’t matter, it’s about the act of drawing. Try this for a week. You’ll be happy with the results.